Alyssa Bigon

About Me

I grew up the daughter of an amazing horseman. 

I had the opportunity to ride multitudes of different horses at different levels and with different styles of training. My sister rode a lot of hunter/jumper horses which was a great opportunity for me to learn and ride that style; it also gave me my first lesson in how much your body controls where your horse goes and their actions. I was successful in the show arena, but I quickly chose the rodeo life as I knew I could win more than just a ribbon, and that fascinated me as a 12-year-old girl. 

I was on the Junior rodeo circuit in Northern California and had great success in goat tying, breakaway, barrel racing and pole bending. I continued into high school rodeo which was a wonderful experience, and I quickly found amazing friends and support. It was in my freshman year of high school that I fought and won my battle with leukemia and returned to training, riding and competing on my horses. High school rodeo provided me great success; I qualified for nationals one year and also for silver state invitational. 

In the competition circuit I gained outstanding knowledge - learning how to travel with my horse cross country, how to care for them on the road and care for them during a weeklong competition. I also saw how great teamwork and the support of fellow competitors can be. 

I went on to college and spent a year helping the school team qualify for the College National Finals Rodeo though I chose not to compete for personal reasons. Throughout college, I continued to rope, ride colts and improve my horsemanship, but continued my break from competitions. Also during college, I found myself at the racetrack with my stepmom, and I learned so much about fitness and care for an equine athlete; I was very blessed for that experience. 

From there, I went on to ride different styles of horses for several people. During this time, I often found myself working with a troubled horse to bring them back from an injury or correct various issues. I also had the opportunity to ride for great cow horse cutting trainers like Bobby Lovgren and Norman Hudson. These trainers helped me understand how important the soft and suppleness of a mouth and body is to your horse being competitive and sound throughout his performance career. I found myself very intrigued with rehabilitating horses and helping them have a come back career. 

I then traveled across the country working for different horse entrepreneurs and finding my own way; I have been in Oklahoma now for 15 years. Currently, I raise horses, train awesome ranch horses, start barrel horses and work with individuals to help them enjoy their horses to the fullest potential. I am currently running barrel races with the Better Barrel Race Association (BBR). 

I now plan to continue to rodeo, run barrels and help people find their Harmony with their horse so they can enjoy the experience to its fullest potential. 

Please take a look around the website, learn more about me and my horses, and schedule a call with me to find out how I can help you create the winning connection through harmony with your horse! 

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I met Scott many years ago and he taught me cowboy etiquette and the ranching lifestyle. I learned how to care for cattle and the proper ways to gather & handle wild livestock.

He fulfilled my want of learning how to steer rope, tie down cattle, and he showed me so many different methods for training a stubborn, tough horse.

We have continued a life together to this day, and he is supportive of my training and barrel racing. We differ in our wants and needs of the young horses, and at times we just don't share! Lol. But the end result is a well-rounded, extremely broke and willing horse that can go on to anyone and be successful.