"This is a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable. She has taught my three children more in the last year than they have learned their whole equestrian careers. She doesn’t just teach them how to ride but true horsemanship. From getting ready to ride to the best way to keep your horse healthy and happy. She is so patient and good with all ages. She breaks down rides, videos, even taking videos on her own horses to show exactly what she means. 


We have bought two horses from her and get no less than 10 comments a day on how well our horses are trained. She knows what she is doing and so thankful to have the opportunity to own and run the horses she has trained. Feel very lucky to be trained by Alyssa.”

From Jennifer Sutton

“Alyssa broke my 3-year-old mare and she put a really nice handle on her. She is really soft in the face and WOW what a stop! I have been extremely impressed with my mare and excited to go on with her. Alyssa is helping me learn to ride her and to get comfortable with how she rides before sending her home. I have no doubt Alyssa will continue to help me with my mare down the road when needed. With the continuing help of Alyssa, my mare and I are going to become the team I dream of being. When I am doing something wrong, she corrects me by not only talking me through it but by showing me while explaining so I know how to change what I did wrong.”

From Bruce Schinkel Jr.

 Alyssa's "Passionate Rider's Tack Box" really opened my eyes about how my thoughts, feelings and attitude can affect my connection with any horse far more than any equipment.  This mental game can be the hardest, but she's clearly the one to show anyone how to start creating more harmony and wins!